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For one reason or the other, we all have experienced a must-stay-at-home-day before: the kids are not well... the tradies are fixing something... it's pouring with rain on your day off? Whichever the reason, feeling trapped indoors can be distressing for many, especially for those that are not used...

When building a new home, we spend a lot of time choosing elements like the right façade & an amazing kitchen or flooring... & we might think we've ticked all the important boxes... yet how well have you considered Lightning? Among all the features that make a great home, this a buggy! & one that is...

Let's say your current home doesn’t satisfy your family’s needs but you’re happy with the area, the street you bought in and the size of your block. It’s one of the biggest questions facing families considering how their home meets their needs: should I Renovate Or Rebuild? Which of these two is the...

Nobody can deny the strong impact artworks have in any home, and that's because pictures provide a sense of personal style and that genuine lived-in feel that transforms a house into a home. In fact, walls without any decoration can feel bland, like floors without rugs and coffee tables without obje...

On average, we spend about one third of our lives sleeping, and surely we all wish to wake up in the morning having made the most of our much needed rest time. A bed and its bedding must be comfortable, before considering if it's beautiful! Of course I always wish it to look good, and work with the...

Creativity is the brain's ability to come up with solutions that satisfy one or everybody's needs: it's curiosity at work, imagination, research, experimentation and finally achievement. I find it funny when people say they are not creative, as I feel that all humans are, even though in many differe...

Recently back from Milan Design Week and just out of Melbourne Denfair I can certainly say that a job like mine comes with benefits. But besides staying updated on upcoming trends, traveling teaches me to be selective with what I place around myself, in my home. Understanding what works and what doe...

Let's say that you may not be sure if and how to add an odd piece in your styling. Even though you really like that sideboard, that armchair, that artwork... you think that "It's going to stick out like a sore thumb". Well, I say to you, be bold and turn that Sore Thumb into a Beauty Spot!


Do you remember the story of the 3 little piglets living in three houses built of straw, wood and bricks? Well, the end was quite predictable for that big bad wolf, but if you're building a new home, which material and aesthetic choices are you going for?

While wood and stone have been employed by hu...

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