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I met Narra of Branchout Furniture at Decor+Design 2019 where his work was selected for the trend tours and his Iguazu Dining Table being named the 'hero piece' of the entire expo. What an exciting experience! Describing it as being made from one single and large piece of timber, only gives you a fa...

Here I am, resting on a beach somewhere along the Mediterranean Sea, my favourite place to spend time away from work. And just like any other time I’m out of my studio, I am looking around, up and down, absorbing as much as I can about Homes, Architecture, Exteriors and Interiors of where I am (in f...

Walking through any home, it's easy for us to admire those obvious qualities which we can see at a glance, like the wall colour, the amazing floor tiles, those bathroom taps and the kitchen bench top! But as we pay a little more attention we notice the high ceilings, the taller doorways, the interes...

Nothing beats the cosy feeling of soft carpet when getting out of bed on a cold morning and touching the floor with your bare feet. I mean quality carpet, of course. In my job as Interior Designer, I always direct my clients towards what’s best for their specific needs, as there are many products on...

Every once in a while there comes along an interior trend or designer look that we know we have seen before, and despite any passing of fashion, it seems to be able to maintain a strong grip on aesthetics, and simply work! The Botanical look is one of these, and even though it seems to come and go o...

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves spending time in the laundry, and yet this is one of the most important rooms of the house, and one that we use every day. So, how can this room be designed and styled to become a space we might enjoy spending time in? Of course, it should look inviting e...

Nobody can deny the strong impact artworks have in any home, and that's because pictures provide a sense of personal style and that genuine lived-in feel that transforms a house into a home. In fact, walls without any decoration can feel bland, like floors without rugs and coffee tables without obje...

Many times I've had the chance to stop & admire objects of design, it's my job, but I'm not always totally taken back like I was when first I saw these stunning bronze tables! Daniel the designer, describes his learning as completing "a childhood apprentice tinkering in my fathers wor...

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