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Postcards & Souvenirs Giveaway

James is on a plane again.


The International Fair or Tiles and Bathrooms in Bologna is one international appointment he hasn't missed in years. Of course the last two years of pandemic disruptions have stopped him from going, so this visit is one that he has truly been looking forward to.

​​Before the Fair James and Sandro will spend a few weeks of vacation - from Rome they will drive to Sicily than back up north towards Bologna and stop in places they haven't visited yet...

James will share quick video-postcards from there that might inspire you with your next trip overseas and will also bring back souvenirs - for your chance to win one of these you must follow the clues given via his social media channels. Do you like the idea?


Remember, for your chance to win you will have to:

1 - FOLLOW Designer James Treble Instagram and Facebook pages.
2 - COLLECT the 'code words' given in his September video-postcards published on Instagram (only one per post and easy to identify :)
3 - EMAIL the 'code words' between October 6 and 16, 2022.


NOTE: By entering this giveaway-offer you AGREE TO ALL of the Terms & Conditions listed below.


"Postcards & Souvenirs Giveaway" Terms & Conditions:

Validity of entries: Wednesday October 6th, 2022 / Sunday October16th, 2022 

A - To be a valid entrant of this giveaway-offer you must be 18 years of age or older and:

  1. FOLLOW Designer James Treble Instagram and Facebook pages.

  2. COLLECT the (4) 'code words' published in James' video-postcards (only among the 2022 September Reels on James' IG & FB channels and one word per post).

  3. EMAIL the 'code words' to                                                                  between October 6 and 16, 2022.

B - The prize includes:

1 - ONE (1) "Souvenir Pack" per winner.

(NOTE: the contents of the "Souvenir Packs", and the number of "Souvenir Packs", will be decided as James purchases the gifts during his time overseas.)

(Update note: Each of the three gift packs includes one natural sponge from the Mediterranean, one Italian body brush, one natural ingredients soap bar and hand cream, two ceramic beads bracelets and one fabric purse in Sicilian inspired fabric. The content of each pack is valued at A$110 - €70 if purchased in Italy)

C - The lucky winners will be randomly chosen among all valid entries on Monday October 17th, 2022 and contacted shortly after via the email address they have used to email their entry.

D - After receiving the above mentioned email the winner of this giveaway-offer must claim the prize by replying to that email before October 24th, 2022.

E - The 'Souvenir Pack" will only be sent to an Australian Address.

F - The "Souvenir Pack" cannot be exchanged for cash, goods or other services.

G - The winner of the "Souvenir Pack" agrees that their first name can be shown to the public via James Treble's social media channels.

H - This giveaway-offer is also published on James Treble’s social media channels, but is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Meta/Facebook/Instagram.

😀 😀 😀 😀 

- CLUE -

James' last 4 Instagram Reels from Italy all offer one 'code word' each - watch each reel until the end...


Good Luck




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