Interior Design For Profit is the most comprehensive and interactive online course to equip property investors, homeowners, renovators and professionals with the design and staging strategies to increase the value of their properties.

Interior Design For Profit is unlike any other property styling or staging course. Using Interior Design, home staging and property styling professional techniques, we not only teach you the value of great design, but we will actually show you how to use design to increase your return on investment for personal, professional or property portfolio use.


This course is for everyone and anyone who is wanting and willing to learn proven strategies to make property profit from Interior Design, Property Staging and Property Styling.



INCREASE PROFIT. Well designed and styled properties evoke emotion in buyers and help secure a higher price at sale time. In fact, a survey from Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp found that properties that are staged before selling resulted in a minimum of 6% above the asking price, compared with properties that were not staged or styled. Let's do the sums …6% of $350K house = a potential profit increase* of $21K.

SAVE ON COSTS. Even though interior design and property staging can lift your property value, it’s a cost that eats into your project profits. Hiring an interior designer, home stager, or property stylist for a standard 3 bedroom house marketing campaign can cost from $3K-$6K. Learn the secrets of professional styling and interior design and save thousands!














Australia's Renovation Queen, Cherie Barber & expert Interior Designer, James Treble have joined forces to create the ultimate Interior Design for property profit course.




















INTERIOR DESIGN FOR PROFIT online course teaches you all the inside tricks professional property stylists use to make any home look amazing and stage it for sale. Pitched at both novice and experienced renovators, and lovers of interior design, it will equip you with a set of detailed guidelines that can be applied to the renovation and styling of any property, room by room.

But this is a course for anyone. By better understanding the rules of good design and presentation, you’ll avoid the costly mistakes that novices often make and learn how to tailor your renovation to the widest possible market, thereby maximising the profit potential of all your hard work.

Just like Cherie Barber’s RENOVATING FOR PROFIT program, this course isn’t just about the theory; it gives you a firm action plan and a series of steps to follow to guide you through the entire INTERIOR DESIGN FOR PROFIT process.




The INTERIOR DESIGN FOR PROFIT online course consists of 11 modules that take you through every aspect of the design and property styling process, room by room. You’ll learn how to pick the right colour scheme, choose key finishes like flooring and window furnishings, and get to grips with the entire process of designing and fitting out a bathroom and kitchen. You’ll understand how both the scale and placement of furniture has a dramatic impact on how people view a room and move through it.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to style and stage your property like a professional designer, this is the perfect place to start your education.




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How to increase real estate value. Cherie Barber & James Treble Interior Design For Profit Best Online Course. Australia UK USA. Study and learn from the professionals. Years of proven renovation experience and successful business practice. Designer Stylist Decorator Renovator Real Estate Agent teaches you how to make the most out of your property value when selling renting out or for yourself and your own home. Decorate the house, Style the apartment, learn how to and DIY Do It Yourself with easy instructions and earn money.
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