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What People Say

This email is intended to express mine, my colleagues and students' sincere gratitude & appreciation for the presentation & workshop you enriched our students' experience with... the inspiration & motivation you have provided them with, this encouraging them to work really hard in their last 3 weeks and achieve their goals... Thank you for your time & wisdom you unselfishly shared with our students & with us all.

Joanna N (Interior Design Teacher - TAFE)

I loved James Treble and found him so engaging and inspirational. His presentation was memorable and I got a lot out of it … I could listen to him for hours. He’s so knowledgeable and eager to share his knowledge and relates everything in a way that you will remember it… and I find myself thinking of his talk often... Would love to have another opportunity to learn more from him!

Karen H (Interior Design Student)

We can’t keep the smiles off our faces! Michael and I just loved everything about our consult with James today… what’s not to love! …and we are energised and ready to go. The team of James and Sandro are just awesome!

Marita & Mike O (Client)

James is not only an interior designer. With a background in real estate and expertise in building, he was able to help us make smart decisions which added value to our build. A year after the selections were made, the colours are still futureproof. The energy and eye for detail he brings made the experience seamless and fun. James, you brought our vision to life - a big thank you from us!

Nina N (Client)

Jan and I were absolutely thrilled with the advice and ideas which James provided to us during the meeting on Saturday morning. Prior to the meeting we were not sure how personalised the advice would be for our particular situation. Both of us left the meeting excited and inspired about the ideas James gave to us and, were in awe that the advice was indeed so tailored to our home.
James, we are indebted to you for the advice that you provided in such a highly professional and very friendly manner. 

Jan and Peter M (Client)

It was so good to walk away from (today's appointment) with a feeling that this house is going to be a beautiful home.  We talked about you all the way home and how helpful you were and made our appointment so funny and interesting. It was a long day and it was a really good day. Thanks for all you have done for us today and you are such a great designer.

Susie and Lance S (Client)

Thanks for the wonderful 2 hours (Practical Design) presentation. They are gems!

Patrick L (Workshop Attendee)

Thank you for all of your help in making this house into our perfect forever family home. You have really helped our vision come to life...

Mick and Kylee J (Client)

Words cannot describe how great it has been catching up and seeing you and the huge amount of help you have given us. Shea and I are so happy with everything you have helped us choose. It would of been such a huge marathon if we had tried to do it ourselves and are both so grateful that you were there.

Zen and Shea R (Client)

James was a pleasure to work with, providing valuable advice backed up by a great expanse of knowledge, that we felt comfortable to make good decisions to provide the best outcome for us and our future house. James made an exciting/scary experience into a very pleasurable one that we came away from feeling good that we had made the right decisions.

Tom T (Client)

My wife and I wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job these last few days. You made this whole process go so smooth and I couldn't even imagine how difficult it could have been without you there with us... Many thanks James. You are superb at what you do and it's obvious why your talents are now on TV!

Jeffrey L (Client)

... we would like to thank you for your time in designing the home for our children. It was a lot of fun and very informative. We appreciated your expertise and professionalism. You have an infectious personality which is a credit to you.

George and Helen G (Client)

Thanks James for being awesome! They say you should surround yourself with the best and that’s how we feel.

Ray G (Client)

... you’ve been fantastic to work with and you managed my wife's expectations really well, which was a major challenge in itself.

Dan S (Client)

We really enjoyed the process and you were a lot of fun to deal with – we are really happy that you were able to help us achieve a great outcome without going crazy on budget. 

Sean V (Client)

Can I just say THANKS for providing another terrific video... I found it really interesting and loved the way you calmly explained your selection and thought process James. Well done! 

Daniela Z (Client)

... Hi James. You’re brilliant. Thank you so much for your time and expertise. The process of renovation seems scary and unwieldy but you provided a supportive scaffold – safe port in a harbour under a stormy sky. Thanks and safe “sailing“ (aka renovating)

Glenda & Frank W (Client)

... we are very fortunate to have you on board. You are very well liked by all and always put a huge effort for us. FYI, we've got great feedback from [our client] regarding the advice, support and experience you provided.

Anthony C (Builder)

Dear James, you are an absolute pleasure to work with and very entuned to your client needs, patient, and kind.​ ​Each time someone is renovating or building I refer to yourself as the expert.​ ​Thank you for all your help as we had some really big selection days!!!​ ​I look forward to inviting you and your family to our home once completed for a Vino and homemade pasta.​ ​Take care and keep safe, knowing that you have made a very positive contribution to our new home.

Nadia S

Thanks ... for your really insightful class... I have walked away armed with so much information and inspiration!

Melissah C

... the standout of the day for me was Designer James Treble's 'facades to flooring' workshop which was fun & amazing from start to finish & full to the brim with humour, honesty & most of all absolutely practical, encouraging & out of the box with design ideas & information which I have not stopped thinking about...

Bec A (Workshop Attendee)

[about an upcoming workshop] See you there! I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar last year. Such practical advice, given with enthusiasm and loads of laughs.

Jennifer B (Workshop Attendee)

Incredibly informative, fun and friendly. A great way to network and other like minded people ... very informative and straight to the point ... James workshops are educational and filled with humour to engage the audience ... such a worthwhile way to spend a Sunday! Learnt so much and had fun too ... professional real examples from James' journey ... very informative and industry cutting edge ...

Attendees' comments during an online Workshop

Thank you so much for the consultation last Friday, you certainly clarified many issues ... Looking forward to working with you in transforming [our home] to its former glory.

Helen H

Very informative for beginners and renovators ... Was a fun, info-packed presentation ... An excellent informative workshop where I learned a lot, saw a lot, and laughed a lot! ... I feel much more confident tracking a bathroom design ... I would recommend this workshop for its information on new technologies, trends and ideas. It is totally worth it …

Attendees' comments during an online Workshop

James advice was so practical – loved it … The practical, useful info. The down to earth character of the presenter … James knowledge is amazing, his love for what he does …

Attendees' comments during an online Workshop

I only wish you could hear me talk about the experience, I was so astounded by your talent (not least your Mr Squiggle gift). I've recommended your services to my brother and his wife for their house in Rose Bay, they need all the help they can get. :) You've completely changed my plans for the pool and yard, and undoubtedly for the better. I had no idea the possibilities this property offered. Will definitely invite you and your partner over for a cocktail by the pool when the time comes.

Amelia G (Client)

It’s all going really well, we have surpassed our entries from previous years, we have more than 850 entries so far with 2 weeks left! Thanks for the hard work.

Michelle - Product Endorsement

The segment exceeded expectations and both us and the client are very happy. We would be more than happy to discuss future opportunities, so please just let me know when you are free for a phone chat. Thank you again!

PR Agent

As a newbie in the industry in my mid 40’s its pretty daunting changing careers and leaving the safety net of the classroom ... to actually get out there and start up a new business.  James is so generous with his knowledge and sharing his experiences I feel it’s like having that all important work experience that many of us lack ...  I have learnt a lot and I have walked away feeling confident in the decisions I have already made to date, fine tuned many, many others and appreciate the need to share and support more than ever.  A huge thanks for all those little tips that make the world of difference when communicating with your client and gaining their trust and making me look great! Hahaha…. As always the workshop was superbly organised and lunch was yum but the sparkling topped it!!

Selena M

I know we disagreed, and yet your confidence was reassuring. I'm glad we got you to help us with our new home. I don't know what it would have looked like if went ahead with what we had in mind. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 

Abbey L (Client)

This is our second build with you and once again we felt you held our hand all the way long. Being our second time we were definitely less stressed, because we knew we could trust your knowledge and honesty. Come soon to see the house and drink a glass of wine with us. We love it and you will too!

Cecilia & Marcus (Client)

I am so moved when I open the door. James not only keep the room clean and tidy. I am so impressed by his rearrange every item in room much better then original setup. I am so appreciate what he did for me. He is the one of best guests I've met so far. I am highly recommend him to all future host [...] He is really great guest and hope see him again.

Min [Airbnb host]

Hi James, I promised I would let you know and here I am. The sale of my parents' house happened quickly and easily. Your styling tricks have worked a wonder. My parents weren't happy at first with all that de-cluttering and furniture re-positioning. But they too have commented on how their home was beautifully presented. The place ended up looking modern and appealing without buying any new furniture. They are very happy and looking forward the move into the new place. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Robert P (Client)

Dear James, our property has been on the market for a very short time but sold quickly and successfully. We were taken by surprise. Your styling suggestions made complete sense and the house looked elegant but welcoming. The agent told us of the many 'Wow' comments she heard from the viewers on first entering. You were perfectly right: first impressions count. Many thanks for your guidance. You are a clever man.

Linda and Jonathan (Client)

Mate I just want to say what a great help you’ve been in designing and selecting the materials and colours for my duplex along with the fact that you are really great guy.  It’s been a real pleasure to meet you and work with you.

Rob D (Client)

Done! All the furniture is in, all the boxes have been opened and everything put in place. Our new life has just began... Dear James there are no words to describe how proud we are of our new home, not only beautiful, but functional just as we needed it to be. All the directions you gave us took us where we are now: happy. We can't wait to have you for a drink and celebrate this together.

Jonas and Marco.

Hi there James. Thank you so much for your invaluable advice, James and I agree that you were the best money we have spent in the whole "new house" experience.  You really made a potentially stressful experience enjoyable, bless ya!!  I would love for you to give us some advice at the end of our build to help me style so hopefully we can spend another few hours together (I will provide the gin and tonic!!).  All the very best for the silly season to you and your family as well. Lots of love

Misha and James (Client)

Dear James, as you know we adore our home. You have taken us by the hand and made the whole experience a pleasant journey. Your knowledge of products and understanding of our needs has made of this home the best we could hope for. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Leisa and Paul (Client)


As we come to the conclusion of the building of our home we would like to let you know that at every meeting you were delightful and patient. We are going to be very happy in our new home, and we could never have achieved the same without you. Only now we know. Best wishes to you.

Miriam J (Client)

Dear James, Our property has just sold pre-auction to an offer we were not expecting. Your styling and expert advice have contributed to the fast and successful sale. I’m impressed by your expertise and common sense and surprised we never saw the house in all its potential as you did. Many thanks again for being available to our needs.

Mary and Joe F (Client)

Dear Mr. Treble, When you suggested changing the kitchen layout I had a moment of panic. I felt it was going to add time and expenditure to the whole building experience.. what next, change the bathroom too? Indeed you did suggest that. As you may remember it took some convincing. But it made great sense and we finally agreed to your suggestions. Despite the different opinion of the builder your solution proved the best. I am so glad we had you helping us. You were always on our side. Our home is perfect. Thank you.

Maria and Frank P. (Client)

Mate, the house looks fantastic and my wife and I are very happy. All your advice makes sense now. Looking back there were moments when I doubted we needed to follow all your suggestions. Now I see that without your input we would have fallen short building a ‘dream home’. My wife never had a doubt though and felt reassured by your expert advice the whole journey. Many thanks.

Mark and Lisa P. (Client)

Hi James, all those times I called you just to be reassured that it all was going fine. You were the most patient and understanding. We can relax now and enjoy, knowing that we have got the best home we could wish for. Once again, thank you.

Roberta and Tony T. (Client)

Dear James, Looking back it seems to me we couldn’t have done it without you. Well, we would have, but our home wouldn’t have looked as it does now. We LOVE it.

Jen and Mark N. (Client)

Thank you once again for invaluable help and guidance through our selections. We sure would have been lost and very confused without you. We are so glad Michael recommended you to us! Thanks heaps.

Gerard and Trish (Client)

Thank you so much the last few months – all your help and effort has been above and beyond the call of duty, and has been truly appreciated by Jo and I. We look forward to having our new home and inviting you over for a coffee. In the meantime we wish you all the happiness and good health in the world. Take care and sincerely thank you again.

Jude S (Client)


James, when I saw you on The Living Room I jumped with surprise. I love watching you on TV, it’s just the way you are. You have helped us in our home with suggestions we wouldn’t have never thought of by ourselves. We love it, thank you. And we love watching you come up with great solutions show after show. Congratulations.

Sylvia and John (Client)

I wanted to let you know that we have just accepted a very good offer on the sale of our home. The restyling you have guided us through has been a success. You understood our needs and respected our budgets [...] You took lots of pressure away and made it fun [...] Thank you

Jane and Bob P (Client)

Hi James, I am back in Singapore and sweating like mad – already miss the less humid Sydney weather. Have jumped straight back into my mummy role, cleaning house and dealing with sick children! I really enjoyed my week in Sydney, and the selections process was great and YOU are the large part that made it so! Your knowledge and confidence took all the stress out of the process for me. I went into the bathroom selection thinking it was going to look one way, but came out with a totally different look – a much better one, thanks to you. Left to myself I would not have known how to achieve the look I wanted and would have gone with “safer” colours and would have been disappointed. When I made the decision to hire an interior designer to help with the process, I was a little apprehensive that I would get a “trendy” or sterile look, that reflected more the designers tastes than my own. Or I would be steered towards the most expensive items. But you really listened, asked questions and worked towards giving me a look I would be happy with, that was within my budget. I know I am going to love my bathrooms and kitchen! Aside from your knowledge and skill as a designer, which gave me the confidence not to stress out during the process, it was your wonderful personality that made the whole process so enjoyable. I would never in a million years have thought I would say I had so much fun during a selections process! The last time we built I found the whole selections process extremely stressful and was dreading this one. But you made it fun – with your positive, “can do” outlook, your sense of humour and wonderful energy. So thank you so much for helping me make my new home look wonderful and making the process a happy experience. I am looking forward to the day the house is finished and I can invite you over for a meal so you can see the finished product! And I definitely will be giving you a call to help with furnishings, art and doing up the kids bedrooms. So once again thank you so so much.

Vicky xxx (Client)

If you are thinking about building or renovating your house I would not hesitate in appointing James as a key member of your team. His expertise was invaluable and ranged across a broad spectrum of: colour consultant, style specialist, kitchen designer and selector of finishes. Having James “on our side” during the process saved so much time, energy, worry and stress. We also really appreciated James’ attitude as he really did care about us and the success of the project and was very honest with his opinions and recommendations. Next time we build James will be my 1st phone call. Many Thanks James!

Barry & Simone J (Client) the end of the whole process, we worked out James was 60% colour and 40% decision maker and marriage counselor!!.. We love our new home.”

Lisa R. (Client)




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