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A Quick Make-over

When my good friend Tina invited me to dinner she didn’t know I would start moving her furniture around. Well.. I did ask for permission first, then I asked her to stay in the kitchen and finish cooking while I re-arranged her retro-hip living room.

To give our home a fresh look we don’t necessarily have to spend money. What furniture we have already might do just fine. Here are 3 simple steps to improve your space: big pieces first, make it functional, de-clutter.

The sofa, the bed, the dining table… the BIG items, the ones you cannot do without, should be placed first. Make it functional by granting easy access to windows and doors, place TV and lamps near to their plug-in points and leave room to walk around, or make it look like there is plenty of room by swapping the placing of the sofa with the armchairs for example.

Rugs are great at defining areas without physically interrupting the room. Artworks on the walls give a sense of elegance but should be proportioned to the space available [small pictures for small walls; horizontal shapes for horizontal spaces; important works for larger walls].

And finally de-clutter. This crucial rule for a happier life applies to your agenda, social life and of course to your living space. Placing around only the objects you cannot do without, wrap and pack the rest. Rotating the display of our ‘collections’ is a good way to enjoy every single bit of memorabilia but if you haven’t looked for them in 6 months sell, trade in or give them away.

Finally, dinner was ready and the room re-arranged, almost at the same time. Now the room has a lighter, uninterrupted feel, the areas are still well defined but lounge and dining are now open to each other for conversation and the first impression when walking in is of a larger and airy space.

Tina liked it. She said she did.

Dinner was good too.

James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through effective design & styling. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more free information.
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