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Art On The Floor

So the time has come to add art to our rooms. Art is very important in adding character and elegance to the space. Well, how many works we add, how expensive these will be and where do we place them are all single issues we'll explore in other posts... Here we will consider the "large-artwork" option. If of a large size, just one single picture can furnish the room. Similarly to wearing just one single but important piece of jewellery, one artwork can be an elegant statement and dress your walls without cluttering. Of course, its colours must match or complement the palette of your room, and its size must be proportioned to the wall and the room we place it in.

But here is the very good news: do not fret about hanging it. A large artwork doesn't have to hang on the wall! Move it from here to there until the best positioning is found, and simply leave on the floor. No hooks needed. There is a modern sense of beauty in art not hanging on the wall, a show-offish feel of 'casual' about it. This will also perfectly match any modern room and not just the minimalist ones. Give it a go.

Innovattio Architektura

To follow are a few images that beautifully explain how in the right context, art on the floor screams elegance and confident styling. Also, this is the perfect display solution when adding hooks on the wall is not an option [when renting, when the walls are not solid, or when we enjoy moving things around often]. If styling to sell a property, large artworks on the floor will add a valuable contemporary feel to our property, and while simplicity will mean elegance, an artwork that is large in size will add the WOW effect.


Next: where do we get a large artwork? We could buy one, obviously, but art can be expensive and it could even cost a small fortune. We could rent it, instead. Many galleries offer good rental deals and we may be pleasantly surprised by how affordable this option can be. Or we make our own 'masterpiece'. Really? I hear you say... Yes, really!

Enlarge a photograph in black & white and have it printed and framed... A print you like, a family photograph, even a good vintage advertising poster may be very effective. Well, the framing comes at a price, but here is an artwork that will stay with you forever. Printing on canvas will save you from having to frame it... but must be large or it'll feel cheap.

Innovattio Architektura

A few smaller works may be a great substitutes for one large picture, if we prefer so. And resting them on a shelf will still allow to display that casual feel and spare our precious walls from drilling hooks in. Remember that an artwork that is taller than wide will increase the sense of height to the space, while a larger then tall picture may be used to add width to a room.

Innovattio Architektura

But if we are ready for some creative fun, then we can make our own. Using wall leftover paint for a simple drawing will give us a stunning and unique artwork. I've done it myself before. And what we lack in artistry we will compensate with size [wink], as the larger the work is, the more 'wow' it will add to the room. Too difficult you think? Not at all, trust me.