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New Year Resolutions

What's your New Year's resolution? Eating healthier, exercising more, spending time with positive people, more time with the children... but if you haven't come up with a 2018 resolution, it's not too late, I have a suggestion. Start the new year by making YOUR HOME a space that positively charges you, helping you achieve all you want to do and be!

How? Well, if you don't have it already, I have a free guide to help you achieve it: my e-book Your Home: understand the place you live in is about realising the impact and importance of the space you live in and how it affects how you feel TODAY!

Your home is your castle, right! So instead of seeing your home as a space taken for granted, treat it as the safe refuge it should be, a place to rest, recharge and gather with the people you care for. But it should also speak of who you are, who you wish to be, it should be bright and airy, creating a positive vibe, it should be uncluttered and organised, to reflect the clean state of mind that you deserve. Does this sound too simplistic? The way your home looks and feels is a reflection on who YOU are and how YOU feel, it has the power to make a miserable rainy day into the best day of your life, HOW? simply by putting you in the right state of mind, before you even have that first morning coffee.

To be able to quickly achieve the optimal living space, its not a big job, you can take some simple steps right now, changing your home for the new year, and re energising your home with all that 2018 has waiting for you, So lets start:

1) De-clutter your rooms of all the knick-knacks you have accumulated over time, whether out on display or hidden away, do you really need these things that we all hang onto. I'm not talking about those special photos or memorabilia, I'm talking about all the extra dust gathering STUFF that we somehow collect, till every surface is full!

These cluttered surfaces, impact on our senses, making us feel cluttered and overwhelmed. By editing (one of my favourite words) we can clean our surfaces and minds at the same time; YES, trust me, it's true!

Cull by keeping only the objects that have a special place in your heart, then sensibly dispose of the rest. Charity shops will be very grateful for your donations, helping others in need. See how good you feel already!

Do the same with your excess or non practical furniture that worked so well in your last home, and simply doesn't fit in your existing one. Retaining what is useful and comfortable and letting go of what is not fully enjoyable, can transform your living areas. Go through those baskets of excess creams and lotions and medications, keep only what's needed and use those special soaps you've hung onto; that is what there meant for after all.

2) Reposition the furniture in each room in a way that is functional, while allowing comfortable movement and easy access to doorways and windows. Always place the large items first, then the medium sized ones. You could at this point choose to not add back all the furniture you started with creating more open space to enjoy which is also easy to clean. This is a great thing to do for a new year, as those same furniture, art and collectables you have will feel very different against a new wall or facing a different way, and when you wake up the next day, you will feel the positive energy and effect of the changes you have made, often without adding anything new, and then enjoy that feeling YOU have just created.

3) Add in those decorative items you have chosen to keep. Place them sparsely and with thought, and if they are large or grouped in 3's or 5's mixing in medium/small items, you'll be surprised at the effect. This way you will create an interesting display of your precious collection of things, which tells a story of who YOU are. But remember! leave some empty surface around the items/groups as this adds importance to your belongings, letting them breathe and not feel squashed in. Aim for the gallery look instead of that cluttered feel of a second-hand shop.

4) Keep your rooms dust free and clean, if you're asthmatic like me, then this is extra important. Open the windows often to allow fresh air and let the sun in, (especially during the declutter and reorganising process) as it will lift the general mood of your home, and re energise your rooms with strong and uplifting positive energy, free for you courtesy of Mother Nature!

Easy uh? Well, I did promise you a guide to help you with this process, so here it is, my free E-guide to help you understand and transform YOUR HOME into the happy place, you and your family deserve. Click HERE to download the PDF file [this offer has now ended].

Remember just like you can have a positive affect on your home, this process in turn affects you and your life in a positive way. Treat your living space with respect and only add items that give you happiness, and speak of who you are, or who you wish to be. This process, like a positive affirmation, can make you feel renewed and energised, ready to face whatever is thrown at you by life's journey.

And that rainy day I mentioned earlier, it is now a great day! The rain is watering the garden, washing the streets and refreshing the energy outside, just like you have done inside your home! The day hasn't changed, YOU HAVE!

Remember to enjoy the positive energy of sensible purchasing, always choosing quality objects, maybe made of recycled or recyclable materials. And try to stick to your New Year Resolutions; as these give you focus and strength to do all you've wanted to do for a while. Make 2018 YOUR YEAR!

James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through effective design & styling. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more free information.

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