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Art On Naked Walls

Nobody can deny the strong impact artworks have in any home, and that's because pictures provide a sense of personal style and that genuine lived-in feel that transforms a house into a home. In fact, walls without any decoration can feel bland, like floors without rugs and coffee tables without objects of décor. So, if you love your home, but your walls are still 'naked', don’t panic! We can address this issue by adding this important detail to your décor and allow your home to reflect who you are.

Many of us fear that including original artworks in our homes will be way out of our budget, while others stay away from art galleries because they’re afraid of not knowing enough about it, and perhaps feel intimidated. Well, in both cases a chat with a gallerist or an art consultant can help you discover the right piece of art that fits your taste as well as your budget, and as creating relationships is their job, they won’t charge you for a chat or to look through what they have to offer. And don't think art must cost you a fortune. I’ve found beautiful pieces that cost me as little as a print bought in a department store! So, consider making time to walk into a few different galleries, look around and start discovering what kind of paintings or artworks seem to catch your eye!

Galleria D'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma - Italy

Despite the evolution of Interiors and the continuous exciting changes in our taste, our walls will always be in demand of art. So, if you’re new to this, and feeling a little overwhelmed or insecure, don’t be! Here are a few tips to get you started:

KNOW YOUR TASTE - a calm walk through your local public art gallery will help you decide if your taste tends towards landscape or figurative, traditional or abstract, painting or photography... walk around and playfully consider which works you would be happy to look at in your living room. Forget matching it to the colour of your sofa, but allow your instincts to kick in, and help you make the choice... let the Art talk to you! I’m sure there are plenty of small local galleries to check out in your area, you can even join their mailing list for exhibitions and make a social outing of it. Combine it with catching up with a friend, enjoying a glass of wine, and perhaps buying a piece of art at the same time!

figurative or landscape, abstract or traditional, colourful or toned down? painting by Sandro Nocentini

THE RIGHT SIZE - knowing which wall you need to fill, will help you establish the size that the artwork you choose should be, as leaving generous wall space around is necessary to allow the picture to 'breath' resulting in a well-balanced room. Based on the space you have, you may be able to add one large artwork or two/three smaller ones. As always, with art let your instincts guide you and follow your gut-feelings!

large or small, one or many? painting by Sandro Nocentini

PLACEMENT - to enjoy larger pictures you must be able to step back and admire them from a distance, while smaller ones can be enjoyed close up and are perfect for smaller spaces. Larger artworks are also great to add the WOW, if seen frontally when entering a room, but their colour, scale and style should ideally be in tune with the rest of the styling, or the room may feel off-balance. Although I don’t want you matching the art to the sofa, taking into consideration the colours of your existing objects, furniture and cabinetry, can help with your choices.

photographs, drawings or painting? framed or not? painting by Sandro Nocentini

CLEVERLY FRAMED - this is how to ensure any artwork you like will fit in with your existing styling. Even though a classical and ornate frame may work well within modern styling, it’s much easier to place artworks that are framed similarly to with your furniture style. If you’re unsure, take a couple of photos of the space you intend to add the artwork too, and a good framer will be able to advise you how to help it become an integral part of the room. If your styling allows, modern paintings can also be hung without a frame, which will help save some money off your budget, while works on paper, like drawings and photographs, must always be framed and will look great with a generous border, to create even greater impact.

All images taken at Eden Brae Homes - all paintings by Sandro Nocentini

The décor that you place on display tells your story, and is what turns any house into your Home. Don't avoid Art, and never assume you're not good with it. Choosing art should not be about pleasing anyone else of replicating another person’s style; it’s more important to find what works for you, and your taste, since you’ll have to live with it. So, allow yourself to selecting the rights piece of art for you, add the right framing, select the right space to hang it and voilà, here is the start to your own art collection. No more 'naked' walls.

The paintings displayed in the pictures above are by SANDRO NOCENTINI

on show at DUNGOG CONTEMPORARY from February 16 to March 17 2019.

Opening Drinks from 3pm on Saturday 16th February 2109

James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James has 3 decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to homes through clever design & styling. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more free information.


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