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The Practical Designer

How often do you get free tips for your interiors? Well, you know I love sharing my knowledge ... With three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design I regularly share my knowledge and experience to help increase value to properties through effective design & styling. Watch my free videos on YouTube, and follow my Facebook and Instagram channels for updated information.

Practical Interior Design Tips
Practical Interior Design Tips

The Front Door

Besides its practical qualities, a beautiful front door is not only great to look at, but an essential feature to add to your façade and one that must be practical. Which door style is best for your home? Let me share these three different door styles, and why I chose them!

The Walk-in Wardrobe

Such a great asset! No matter how large or small, your walk-in wardrobe must be practical. Does your #WIR​ offer flexible storage options? Is it functional and good looking? Watch my tips to help you make the most of this very valuable space.


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