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  • Sandro Nocentini

First Impressions: The Fence

Even before we enter a home, we have already formulated an idea or an expectation of what a home is going to look like: because of First Impressions!! The judgemental beings that we are, we listen to our instincts meaning we create a feeling based on our first impressions. This happens when we first meet a person, when we buy a book by its cover, when we enter a restaurant or when we visit a property on the market.

When arriving at your home First Impressions are very powerful and affect the mood of your visiting guests, or prospective buyers if the property is on the market.

Like the perfect pair of shoes on that beautiful new dress, the fence must match your property. Style, height, materials, colour... there are many details to be considered, and the choices are many. Affordable or expensive, secure or aesthetic, renovated or new... below are just a few pictures of the many possible versions of how an Australian Workers' Cottage can look. All these I photographed in the same street of an Inner-west residential suburb in Sydney.

Surely these fences have given you very clear feelings about the care and taste of the properties they surround. Now look at your own fence and ask yourself if it matches the property in looks and expectations. If your answer is no, or a maybe, you should take action. What impression does your front fence give? If it can be improved, its should be improved, and it doesn't have to break the bank

A new coat of paint? Should the bricks be rendered? A contrasting colour to the house? Luscious plants to soften the look? The possibilities are many but your final choice must be a specific one for your home. I wish I had one solution for all.

However, your gate:

  1. must be clean, working properly and solid

  2. must match the home in colours and style

  3. must protect, embellish and welcome at the same time

Drive around your area, see what's in trend for properties similar to yours. Ask friends and neighbours for advice if still unsure... Do Something. Inviting first impressions will welcome your guests from thier first approach, as well as providing your buyers with a positive state of mind..and this means Profit!!

James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through effective design & styling. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more free information.


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