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Decor + Design Fair

The strongest interior design fair in Australia just concluded in Melbourne, with a great display of local and international furniture and décor items. Open to traders, designers and retailers, it offered a large display of choices in taste and affordability. I chose to spend more time at stands with products of reliable quality and have had a great time chatting with some of the exhibitors. From the few images below you can notice a recurring tribal feel, expressed by a the use of organic materials and woven textures.

I often travel to go visit international design fairs, and there are a few very large ones I choose not to miss. When there I am usually excited by the amount of product and technology that is on show. But this can also be an overwhelming experience for the unprepared, and it takes indeed great skill to be able to filter what information one should take back home. In fact, as new interior trends seem to emerge all the time, it is my job to distinguish what is relevant, and that was the theme for my talk at Decor + Design last Saturday: interpreting trends to the benefit of my clients. Many designers, makers and retailers were in the audience, listening to my presentation rich with photographs I bring from overseas.

Among the other talks, particularly enlightening was the presentation by Victoria Redshaw on emerging Trends as a response of our society renewed desire for substance, tactile qualities and reusable and durable materials.

Many stands at Decor + Design were of high standard, impressively built and lusciously arranged. I always love talking to makers and retailers and often discover a true commitment to lasting quality and customer satisfaction. Thanks to the AIFF [Australian International Furniture Fair] strong was also the presence of local makers and designers. The Vivid exhibit had an exciting display of emerging talents all offering items of exciting design and quality finishes.

And this is just a sample of the beautiful things I've seen at Decor + Design 2017, but beyond what was there on show, it was exciting to see Quality strongly present right next to Creativity.

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James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James Treble has more than 25 years of experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design. His knowledge and experience in adding value to homes, through clever design & styling, is now published for all to learn and benefit from. Interior Design For Profit is now available online.


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