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Light Through The Windows

Renovations finished, Design and Decoration in place. The place is spotless and tidy. One more thing… could it be brighter?

I teach in my Interior Design For Profit online course that the amount of natural light that enters our property translates into a valuable sense of space. We cut the amount of furniture to achieve a stronger sense of space; we de-clutter our shelves and our cabinetry… all this work inside. But outside? Is our garden imposing over our windows? Are all those beautiful green branches needed so close to our home?

Whether selling or renting out, the “view” from our property plays a strong role in affecting the value we can and should achieve. Plants screen us from unwanted street noise, protect our privacy and add natural beauty to our property. But light is also necessary to our physical and emotional wellbeing. As we all crave light, our possible buyers too will respond positively to more of it.

So, can we improve this factor? Can we increase the amount of precious light we can allow through our windows?

Yes we can:

  1. Walk in each of your rooms and from the door look through the window. Can the outlook be opened? Can more light be allowed in?

  2. Walk in the garden and consider first which plants are important in defending your privacy. Which one helps keeping street noise out, or which one defends you from too much sun exposure.

  3. Trimming just the height of some will allow the sky to be seen from inside your home while keeping your privacy protected.

  4. Remove unwanted branches that reach too close to your windows.

  5. Prefer medium growth plants to allow ‘green’ being seen from inside but allowing the view to expand.

  6. Is there a ‘view’ to be enjoyed? Let’s maximise it by trimming branches away. Looking out gives the feeling of a larger living space.

Walking back inside the house we can now go from room to room again and enjoy the spaces, brighter with natural light. As we know well, ‘brighter’ translates in ‘larger’. So, haven’t we just achieved the sense of a bigger property? Enjoy.