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  • Sandro Nocentini

Styled Properties Sell For More

After years of property vendors enjoying record prices, it seems the Australian housing market is finally cooling down a little and changing pace. Properties are sitting on the market for longer, with an increased rate of properties not selling on auction day and many selling after auction negotiations. In this situation where the properties are not selling as fast, the purchasers are empowered in taking their time in assessing and choosing the property that really suits them, and its price judged more tightly against others in the same market

As the hype of buying is reduced, it is becoming the kind of market where vendors cannot afford to place their property on the market without presenting it at its very best, without the risk of missing out on the highest possible profit. If you are planning to sell now, or simply want your existing property to look its best, it's important that you learn the ways to improve how it is presented and appreciated, and it doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Styling your property to present it at its best is not hard, but you have to know the tips and tricks

Do you remember the old tricks of brewing coffee and toasting bread just before opening the doors to buyers inspecting your home? Well, it may have worked well to add a familiar feel to the property, and maybe make them feel hungry! BUT home buyers are nowadays far more switched on and aware of simple tricks and ways of disguising a property's flaws, especially as the average house price in Australia has increased greatly over the past decade. So, what can you do to add value to your property without needing to resort to any magic tricks? Well you may be surprised to find out, that Private research* shows that by Styling your property correctly, and by paying attention to simple things like your interior colour scheme and other details like the Décor items, you can increase the value of your property by 7 to 13%. Crazy right? You do the maths... if you think of the number of Australian suburbs with average sale prices of over $1 million dollars, thats a amazing amount of money!

* based on the Coldwell Banker research

decluttering and styling your property will help you sell faster and for a higher profit

To show your property at its best the first bit of advice I must give you is 'make it seem bigger'. You don't have to knock out a wall or raise the ceiling, the simple act of editing and culling the amount of items you have out on show will make the space feel more open and organised. It allows you to showcase the valuable surfaces within in your home. Cluttered surfaces will not only seem untidy but will also appear smaller. Space is a very valuable asset we all agree, and to achieve this sense of space, the furniture pieces we use for styling also need to be considered carefully as they have a big impact on how the room looks and feels. Bulky sofas and armchairs will obviously take up more floor space, and make the room seem smaller, than thinner framed designs. Sofas which are raised on thin frames and furniture with tall, thin legs will help show more of your floor, and the more floor you can see the larger the room will appear... do you get the gist?

increase the feel of space by choosing thin and tall furniture

Another important piece of advice I must suggest is to let the light shine in and open up those curtains, allowing the outside in. So: 'make it seem brighter'. If your vision is not restricted to the room, the space will appear larger, but if the view from the windows is not a feature you want to show, then opting for sheer curtains or thin and light coloured fabric, will still allow the light in without worrying about the view

If the ceiling lights must be on, remember that warm-light globes can bring down the energy and feel in the room; by changing these globes to 'cool light' globes, the room will feel larger and brighter, instantly increasing the sense of natural light indoors. In case you are wondering about this, I do use warm lights, but I opt for these in feature lighting such as table and floor lamps, allowing me to add warmth and mood to a room.

Light coloured walls for dark rooms is a trick we all understand, but not many might know that however bright, yellow and cream tones also bring the energy down, as well as adding a dated feel. I would suggest either warm or cool greys as a preferable choice, as these keep up the energy, provide a great backdrop for your furniture and accessories and present a contemporary feel.

I have enjoyed my passion for Real Estate and Interior Design for decades now, making it my career and helping my clients understand the housing market, whether they are building a new home, renovating or buying/selling their homes.

I could sit here and write for hours about each room in the house, as I've learnt so much over the years, and each room has its own tricks to consider and rules to follow. It's also disappointing when I see properties go on the market understyled, and incorrectly presented, as I know that those owners are simply throwing away money that should be in their pockets.

James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through effective design & styling. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more free information.


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