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Bring Colour In

The use of Colour in interior design is a tool that offers endless possibilities, whether you're looking to subtly refresh your space or make a bold statement. One of the simplest ways to infuse contemporary flair is through accents in furniture and decor accessories. Think of vibrant cushions, quirky lamps, or even a striking piece of art. These small touches can transform a room without overwhelming it.

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If you're in the midst of building or renovating, tiles are your best friend for creating eye-catching interiors. Consider the splash-back in the kitchen or laundry, or a single feature wall in the bathroom. These areas are perfect for experimenting with colours and patterns, adding personality to otherwise colder spaces. Tiles may be the perfect solution. They come in an vaste array of sizes and colours, allowing you to achieve unique looks for your interiors' projects.

But you're aiming for a quick and effective transformation, a fresh coat of paint might be all you need. Paint offers a versatile and budget-friendly way to update your interiors as often as you wish. From subtle neutrals to bold and dramatic hues - the options are limitless.

One of my favourite colours of the last few years is the charming and timeless 'terracotta'. This warm, earthy colour has been a star in the interior design world lately, from light to intense, and shows no signs of fading away. Terracotta adds a touch of warm elegance, making any room feel cozy and inviting, I'm a big fan of it.

Whether adding a splash of colour through accessories, experimenting with bold tiles, or refreshing your walls with a coat of paint, there's a colour to suit every taste. So, go ahead and embrace the power of colour to transform your space. In the world of interiors, a little colour goes a long way.

all photography in this page by James Treble

James Treble has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through effective design & styling. James is also an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for plenty of Design information. Watch his free Online Series to see how an Interior Designer renovates his own home.


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