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Yes to Granny Flats

Adding a Granny Flat to a property isn't just a trendy home improvement, it's a practical, multi-functional asset that can enhance your lifestyle in numerous ways. Whether you're looking to keep family close, foster independence for young adults, find a quiet workspace, or generate extra income, a Granny Flat can tick all these boxes with style.

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a granny flat solutions build on James Treble's property
James Treble' s addition is in progress - with Granny Flat Solutions

A Haven for Older Parents - One of the most heartfelt benefits of a granny flat is the ability to have older parents live nearby, hence the name 'granny' flat. This setup allows for greater peace of mind and convenience, knowing your loved ones are just a stone’s throw away. It offers the perfect blend of independence and support, ensuring that parents maintain their own space while still being close enough for regular check-ins and assistance. Picture this: instead of juggling the logistics of visits and care, you can pop over with a warm meal or enjoy a morning coffee together.

Affordable Independence for Young Adults - For families with young adults, a granny flat can provide an affordable stepping stone to independence. University students or young professionals can enjoy the privacy and responsibility of their own place without the exorbitant costs associated with renting a separate apartment. It’s a win-win situation where they learn to manage their own household, yet the safety net of home is always within reach. Think of it as an affordable "launch pad" for adulthood.

A New Home Office - In an era where working from home is becoming the norm, a granny flat can transform into the ultimate home office. Imagine having a dedicated space to focus on work without the distractions of household chores. This separation of work and home life can boost productivity and well-being, reserving your home for domestic bliss only while helping you save the time & money required to drive to and from work.

Extra Income from Rentals - Lastly, a granny flat can be a lucrative addition as a rental property. With the increasing demand for affordable housing, renting out your granny flat can provide a steady stream of income. Whether it’s long-term tenants or short-term vacation rentals, the financial benefits can help cover mortgage payments or fund future renovations. Who wouldn't like to get a Granny Flat!

A granny flat is a versatile and valuable addition to any property. That's why I've chosen to add a quality one with Granny Flat Solutions.

To learn more about the decisions needed to add a granny flat, follow my social media channels for 'live' snippets about it and stay tuned for the YouTube series I'm filming about it, the decisions needed, the internal and external selections, the furnishing and the styling of it. I'm sure you'll get so excited that you'll want one too :)

In conclusion, a granny flat is a versatile and valuable addition to any property. It fosters close family ties, supports young adults, creates a serene work environment, and generates additional income. With all these benefits wrapped into one, it’s a wonder more people aren’t jumping on the granny flat bandwagon.

James Treble has three decades of accumulated experience in the Building Industry, Real Estate and Interior Design and regularly shares his knowledge and experience in adding value to properties through practical design & styling. James is also an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. Watch his free videos on YouTube, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for plenty of Design information. Watch his free Online Series to see how an Interior Designer renovates his own home.


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