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Milano Design Week

Designer James Treble at Salone del Mobile, Milano

Milano Salone Del Mobile [The International Furniture and Design Fair] is always an inspiring and unique experience, year after year attracting about 350,000 international visitors in 6 days. During Design Week 2017, Milan became the capital of the World for Furniture and Design once again, attracting makers, sellers and buyers from around the globe. Beautiful furniture was on show, from classic and new to contemporary and daring new designs, technological innovations and precious materials... Then there was the Fuori Salone [Outside The Fair], which, running at the same time every year, complemented the fair with 1,500 events in 13 separate precincts around the city, showcasing more innovation in furniture and décor. All around Milan furniture companies collaborated with renowned international artists to create stunning displays of contemporary art. And did I mention the cocktail parties and the amazing food?

At Bisazza's launch of Greg Natale new designs

It was only when back on the plane, stopping for the first time in more than a week, that I could finally catch my breath. I was happy, excited and, yes, exhausted! Surely you must feel sorry for me [wink].

Walking around the many exciting displays, what ultimately stood out was the clear intention to create furniture which is made to last, in both quality and taste. See below some points relevant to you, with images I took myself during Milano Design Week 2017.

1) Invest in Quality Materials:

Boffi showroom in Via Solferino, Milan

In a world of affordable and flat-pack furniture, at the Salone marble, leather and velvets shone like the sun. Using materials as precious as these, both visual and tactile, the message was clear: this is furniture made to last. Expensive? Well... no, if we compare it with how much money we waste in furniture that only lasts a year or two.

2) Choose Elegance That Lasts:

Poltrona Frau stand at Salone del Mobile

The use of organic lines and natural colour palette results in furniture whose strengths are comfort and durability. Many brands engaged the use of rounded and welcoming, organic shapes, which stood out offering designs of lasting elegance.

3) Add Some Fun:

at the launch of SMEG and Dolce & Gabbana collaboration

Against calm and elegance it is also exciting to add bright colours to personalise our home and make it unique. Dolce & Gabbana designed a new look for SMEG appliances which screamed with bright colours and Mediterranean motifs. Here is a range that adds to quality a playful twist.

All the information I gathered, the samples and the photos, I have brought back to share with you. Here I am now sorting and tailoring the incredible amount of information into what is On-Trend and Relevant for the Australian market, and my clients' specific needs. I Love My Job.


James Treble is an ambassador for Planet Ark and firmly believes in sensible purchasing, recycling and creative re-purposing. James Treble has more than 25 years of experience in the Building Industry and Interior Design. His knowledge and experience in adding value to homes, through clever design & styling, is now published for all to learn and benefit from. Interior Design For Profit is now available online.


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