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My E-Book Free To You...

Recently back from Milan Design Week and just out of Melbourne Denfair I can certainly say that a job like mine comes with benefits. But besides staying updated on upcoming trends, traveling teaches me to be selective with what I place around myself, in my home. Understanding what works and what doesn't is my job, and when my clients ask me to help them build, renovate or style their home, it is my duty to take them beyond what is just beautiful. My job is to share my knowledge and help people achieve a home that is safe, functional and welcoming, first of all.

As you know I have worked on an online course called Interior Design For Profit loaded with useful information for those who want to understand the 'Why and How' of Interior Design, adding value to their properties through clever selections and styling. It's about the improvements we can apply to our homes, and how to increase the value of investment properties. This course is already available at

I also have put together an e-book as a short collection of hints and tips to easily improve your home if renovation is not on the agenda. Soon available to download also from Amazon, I will offer all subscribers of my website this e-book FOR FREE as a small thank-you gift for supporting me in my career. It's a step-by-step guide with plenty of detailed tips to help you achieve the home that is right for you, but to get you excited about it, here is something inspired to it:


Whether in the living room, the garage, your car or the office, try these three easy steps:

  1. EVALUATE - stand at the entry door of one room and take in the lot. What does it feel like: Cluttered? Frumpy? Average? Be honest, leave emotions out this exercise and face what you know needs changing, what catches your eye, positives and negatives.

  2. TAKE ACTION - Stop postponing and change what you see as 'out of place', pack and store away what is not used, clean and scrub, move furniture that is in the way, give away what you don't really need. Free yourself of what bothers you, be selective and only surround yourself with what gives you joy and works in the space. Write a wish-list of what more you need there, a new coffee table or cushions for example, and set a budget.

  3. STICK TO IT - Keep your place clean and tidy, rotate your decor objects throughout your home, instead of showing all of them at once, don't buy unnecessary and cheap items (quality versus quantity).

Now grab a coffee or a glass of wine, stand at the door once again and enjoy the sense of space and calm you have achieved. Move on to the next room :)


My e-book will be available soon and to receive it free is easy: click HERE and add your email to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. [ THIS PROMOTION HAS NOW EXPIRED ]

If you would like others to know of our promotions, please encourage them to subscribe to my website.

Spread the word.


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